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Only Healthy Love Mastery Private Coaching

This “Agreement,” Only Healthy Love Mastery Private Coaching is made between Trudy Stoner Coaching (“Trudy Stoner Coaching” or “We”) and the undersigned individual, (“You”).  Trudy Stoner Coaching and You hereby agree to the following:

1. You are entering into the “Only Healthy Love Mastery Private Coaching Agreement” ("Program") whereby We will provide high-level private life coaching to You over a 3-month period.

2. The Program is paid in full and non-refundable.

You hereby agree to remit the payment via pre-authorized electronic debit to your bank account or credit card.

Payments are not refundable for any reason and are due regardless of your level of participation.

The Program includes:

* 1 Weekly Private Call/Session

* 6-month access to the Only Healthy Love Academy ($600 value) 

*Unlimited Voxer Coaching (Walkie Talkie App for mindset and strategy support)

3. While Trudy Stoner Coaching is absolutely convinced that you will derive great benefits from the Program and that you should become as successful as You envision, we of course do not represent or guarantee that you will attain a certain level of personal success or any other. As with any personal development program or coaching, individual success depends on many factors, including your personal motivation, time commitment, how effectively you implement the strategies taught, and your efficiency in following up on each phase.

The cost of this program is an “investment” in yourself, and, as with any investment, there is both great potential for a great return on your investment, and a risk there is no return on this investment. We can guarantee, however, that you WILL learn a lot of usable and translatable life strategies for success that, when followed by others, have achieved life-changing results.

4. You acknowledge and understand that Trudy Stoner Coaching’s methods, processes, and strategies taught in the Program are the sole and exclusive property of Trudy Stoner and constitute a confidential proprietary system which is confidential and protected by national and international intellectual property laws including but not limited to copyright and trademark protection. We have spent considerable time and effort in developing the Program, which includes all materials associated with the Only Healthy Love and A Healing Process Coaching Program, all coaching strategies taught, and all associated coaching advice. You agree to maintain the confidential nature of the Program and agree not to duplicate, disseminate, distribute, or otherwise disclose any part to any third parties, for any reason, unless it is part of the Program, part of the public domain, or required by a valid legal process, whereby You will provide prompt written notice to Trudy Stoner Coaching.

You further agree that your violation of this provision will cause substantial harm to Trudy Stoner Coaching, and for which we may seek all legal redress, which may include an injunction or substantial damages. The Program is not intended to provide legal, tax, financial, or accounting advice.

5. Should you fail to remit any of the required payments on time, and have not corrected the situation in a prompt manner, Trudy Stoner Coaching may terminate you from the Program and you will be immediately responsible for the remaining balance of the Program. We may also terminate services if, in our sole opinion, you are conducting yourself or your business in a manner that is disparaging or disruptive to Trudy Stoner Coaching or infringes upon intellectual property rights or violates the confidentiality covenant stated above.

6. This Agreement shall be governed in all respects by the laws of the United States of America and by the laws of the State of California. Jurisdiction shall be in Butte County, California. In the event of any collection or legal matter relating to the subject matter of this Agreement, the non-prevailing party shall reimburse the prevailing party for all reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs resulting therefrom. YOU EXPRESSLY CONSENT TO THE PERSONAL JURISDICTION OF THE STATE AND FEDERAL COURTS LOCATED IN BUTTE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA FOR ANY LEGAL PROCEEDING ARISING FROM OR RELATING TO THIS AGREEMENT.

Coaching Refund Policy: We do this because we love seeing people succeed and it is an incredible experience to watch someone grow in life and realize their dreams by using our services. We also know all the hard work and time that goes into our products and coaching. Because of all that hard work our fees are non-refundable except where otherwise noted.

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90 Day Intensive - Work with Trudy

1:1 Private Coaching with Trudy for 90-days. 

Perfect for you if you want faster results and feel that 6 months is a larger commitment than you are willing to make right now. 

This coaching is intense because our time is limited, but the results can be profound. 

The Program includes:

* 1 Weekly Private Call/Session

* 6-month access to the Only Healthy Love Academy ($600 value) 

*Unlimited Voxer Coaching (Walkie Talkie App for mindset and strategy support)