Happy Huddle

The best tools of Positive Psychology are now delivered in a series of 30-minute lessons. Long enough to get the information you need. Short enough to have no excuses.

Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change. -Jim Rohn

If you want things to be favorable with you, YOU NEED TO TAKE ACTION. The universe won't align for you just because you want it to. Wanting to improve your life will always require change and at the end of the day, it is always up to you whether or not you'd take action to pursue a better future.

To take action, one must learn how to execute it properly. By watching the videos of Happy Huddle provided by Happier by the Minute, you can have fun while learning how to make life more favorable for you.

Happy Huddle is available and is accessible anytime and anywhere!

It is divided into 49 episodes!

HH#1 - HH#5: Unravels the individual's intentions, talks about happiness, mindset, gratitude, and knowing the steps to have a morning ritual.

HH#6 - HH#10: Talks about failure, taking action, understanding what's getting in your way and how to overcome it, the know-how to having a great life, and the secret to success.

HH#11 - HH#15: All about finding purpose, building resilience, having self-discipline, avoiding thinking traps, and turning your worst day around.

HH#16 - HH#20: Understanding how to stop "when-then" ing yourself, acknowledging that your worst enemy is also your greatest ally, finding out about the word that will get you through anything, have a clearer view of your life vision, and grasping how to rewire your brain.

HH#21 - HH#25: Finding out the root of all of our problems, the code of the extraordinary mind, recognizing fear and how to break free of it, life-changing lessons, and understanding that words matter.

HH#26 - HH#30: Talks about willpower, being stressless, how to avoid judging others and avoiding judgment, conscious parenting, and learning how to clear your clutter and make room for abundance.

HH#31 - HH#35: Knowing the super easy habits of super successful people, uncovering how to have a happier marriage, spend happier holidays, and look back on end-of-the-year favorites.

HH#36 - HH#40: Have an end-of-the-year reflection, make a new year habit, how to become wealthier, have morning rituals, an interview with David Siddiqui, and talk about duct tape parenting with Vicki Hoefle.

HH#41 - HH#45: Talking about a vision board, interview with JB Owen, MOM Talk with Erika, Manifesting with Joanna, and Overcoming Disability with Warren Falkenstein.

HH#46 - HH#49: Talks about what world school is really like with Gina Ingram, happy huddle with Heather Kerr, how to have a great life during Covid19, and interview with Annie Lebrun.

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