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Spirit Tribe: Start your 7 day trial!

Join an exclusive community of like-minded Spiritual Seekers committed to becoming their Highest Selves, plus get ongoing support, guidance, and mentorship as part of Spirit Tribe. If you've been looking for your tribe, this is it!

What is Spirit Tribe?

  • a community of like-minded spiritual seekers
  • people who are serious about their spirituality and growth
  • people who are committed to making a difference
  • an ongoing coaching and mentoring community
  • an exclusive social network dedicated to spiritual growth
  • an all-access pass to Mind Prana's library of 4-6 week training programs and Masterclasses

When you join, you get access to over $2,000 worth of transformational programs from Mind Prana Academy.

For just $1 today, you get access to everything mentioned for a full 7 days. If you wish to continue your Spirit Tribe membership after that, it's just $47 / month for as long as you wish to be a member. Cancel any time.

As a Spirit Tribe member, you get...

  • Certified Crystal Healer - Our CCH program will teach you how to step into your highest calling, connect deeply with crystals, and learn how to use their energy to truly make a difference in people's lives.
  • Shamanic Stonework - Mind Prana's Master Crystal Healer certification training and a year-long journey of awakening with high-vibration crystals ($997 value)
  • Unstoppable - Learn how to develop Unshakeable Confidence and be Authentically You everywhere you go (being taught live in April)
  • Mastermind - Hack your own mind and unlock its full potential in this masterclass on subconscious reprogramming and superconscious activation ($197 value)
  • Meditation Secrets -Learn how to become radically present so that you can deeply enjoy life and reach higher levels of consciousness ($67 value)
  • The Abundance Amplifier - Master the frequency of abundance and learn how to use it to instantly transform your experience of wealth ($497 value)
  • ARCANUM - When you touch the divine, it changes everything. Develop your 6th sense, work with energy, and experience the truth about higher dimensional consciousness ($497 value - coming soon)
  • And more!

When you join, you get access to ALL of the courses listed above for a full 7 days, with many more currently being added. Afterwards, you can continue in the Spirit Tribe community for however long you want for a low monthly fee. Cancel any time.

If you're ready for a safe space where you can learn, grow, share, and connect with your Tribe, sign up today.