Willpower for Weight Loss

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Discover the secrets to creating deliberate discipline so you can build a successful body and life.

“Very fun delivery, the instructor sounds like a stand up comedian. I agree you should listen to the course once and then repeat a few times to get a real good grasp of the concepts. And it works, the method, the steps work.”

Edwin Hommes

“Hey I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into the willpower course. I have owned it for a few years but finally have a good why to go through it. You provide huge value and many great insights. I have already used it to reduce my time spent on social media. I can not wait to see how far this stuff can really take me once I get it to my core.”

Jordon Powell

“Outstanding knowledge, packed into to-the-point bite size chunks for you to absorb the information perfectly. This is a great example of a good quality course that creates phenomenal changes.”

AJ Iredale

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For those who would like the option to listen to the course while commuting, doing household chores or on long walks. 2+ bonus hours that is not included in the video version.