"Mastering the Craft of Creativity" with Bob Stromberg

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We were all made to create. That longing and ability are woven into our genes. Through hours of video including instruction, insightful interviews with successful "creatives", captivating stories and entertaining performances Bob Stromberg shares three creative disciplines that have kept him busy and fulfilled for over forty years as a writer and performer. Weekly excercises in practicing the disciplines create new neural pathways and build strong intuitive habits in every person aspiring to experience their own unique expression of creativity.

It was worth every penny. Through the course I've had some major break throughs in my own creativity. It was wonderful and I am richer a person. It was that good.

Lisa Sundell Olsen

This course has helped give form and understanding to the process of being creative. It's been worth every penny!

Sally Cranham

This one little class that I stumbled upon may end up being the best decision I made all year!

Robbie Sondag

I have a million positive things to say about Bob Stromberg's Mastering the Craft of Creativity course. Calling all creatives: don't miss out!

Rachel Britz

Are you looking to challenge yourself and grow? Take this great online course from Bob Stromberg! It is worth every penny and will take you places that will surprise you!

Dave Cornell

I’ve had the privilege of participating in this online course on creativity the last several months. Bob Stromberg's content and interaction with everyone in the cohort has been encouraging and inspiring. If you’re involved in any kind of creative endeavor … such as writing, speaking, teaching, musical performance, or some type of visual art … this course will be well worth your time. For my friends who are pastors or are involved in vocational ministry of some type: if you’re looking for an opportunity to grow in developing content for preaching and teaching, I highly recommend you take a look at this course!

Owen Shattuck

Bob Stromberg's new course "Mastering the Craft of Creativity" is a masterpiece of teaching, storytelling, and mentoring. Bob is a wonderful teacher! He is supportive, kind, wise, funny and deeply encouraging. The practice of creative skills I am learning, that is available for you, is changing my life in deep, wonderful shifts - I never want to go back to the blocked state I was in before taking this course. I hope you sign up, like I did. It is worth every penny... and you will never, ever regret this, as the door you're about to walk through will open your insight and creative abilities into new worlds you, most likely, would never have discovered on your own. Bob, and your fellow encouraging classmates, are waiting for you to join us. The door is open, come learn and play in this amazing world of discovery, joy, awe and wonder!

Kathryn Metzger

Bob Stromberg is the real deal! I've had the privilege of having front row seats to Bob's creativity, and I've learned so much over 20+ years from him. Dive in - I'm gonna!

Michael Pearce Donley

You know you were made to create. Now... make it so.

Bob Stromberg

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