Marketing Miracles Book

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  • Chapter 1: How Do Marketing Miracles Really Occur?
  • Chapter 2: Are Your Boring & Bugging Your Prospects With Your Follow-Up?
  • Chapter 3: No Test Drive Needed
  • Chapter 4: The Miracles Sales Power of Your Irrestible Offer!
  • Chapter 5: Use Your Voice & Body Language To Create Trust In Business
  • Chapter 6: The Ultimate Market Offer
  • Chapter 7: Using Effective Sales Choreography To Create a WOW! Customer Experience
  • Chapter 8: It's a Miracle!
  • Chapter 9: 4 Keys To a Successful Social Media Optimization Plan
  • Chapter 10: You Don't Need a Marketing Miracle: Predict Success w. Your Sales
  • Chapter 11: Earn Your Way Into The Hearts and Minds Of Your Customers
  • Chapter 12: The Power of a Price
  • Chapter 13: Embracing Online Marketing
  • Chapter 14: Making a Real Estate Marketing Miracle
  • Chapter 15: Marketing Miracal Formula
  • Chapter 16: How To Turn Website Visitors Into Paying Customers in 7 Steps
  • Chapter 17: Market Smarter, Not Harder
  • Chapter 18: Leverating Time and Resources
  • Chapter 19: How To Build a Mobile Wesite That Converts Visitors Into Clients
  • Chapter 20: 21st Century Marketing and Analytics
  • Chapter 21: The $20 Million Dollar Marketing Miracle Formula
  • Chapter 22: Creating Online Marketing Miracles
  • Chapter 23: Five Miracles To Help You Transform and Continuosly Improve Your Marketing and Your Business

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