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Intimately Tied: Level 3 Facilitator Mind/Body Mastery 6 Month Program March, 2021


 Coaches And Mentors That Rely On Vulnerability With Your Clients, Your Ability To Surrender To YOURSELF Directly Impacts Your Client Outcomes.


 🔥To find the freedom within, it is necessary to surrender.🔥

 Are you seeking to recapture who you were before culture molded you and covid kicked you around?

  •  Do you find yourself stuck in habitual patterns that no longer represent who you are and you crave to be set free?
  •  Do you thrive in an immersive experience to learn basic techniques you can rap into with your clients, partners or even for yourself to deepen intimacy and center yourself?

 I am the somatic conductor and bio integration expert here to usher in an experience Austin has never be seen, through the art of Shibari.

 I am elated and excited to welcome vulnerability coach, domme of 10 years, Rina Trevi, who's freediving, base jumping,  REAL LIFE experience with high performance obsessed, type A entrepreneurs is mind blowingly unique and DEEP.

 Together, we have orchestrated a full spectrum experience of the heart, mind AND body that could only come from our unique experiences for 20 attendees MAX.

 It takes a tremendous amount of bravery and vulnerability to SEE yourself and this experience brings all sorts of constructs to the surface.







 but the underlining theme that they ALL have in common...


 Surrendering to a process isn’t rolling over, it is trusting someone to guide you in body, mind and spirit into vulnerable and sometimes scary places...

 Places that, when confronted, will set you free once you can ACCEPT, YOURSELF, exactly as you are.

 Life has it's challenges but you may be making it harder than it needs to be.

 With our combined practices you will connect to your inner wisdom and align your nervous system to who you ARE while referencing who you are expanding in to.

 💫This experience is all about surrendering to YOU, not submitting to someone outside of you.

 A beautiful blend of break out sessions and real time practice, both holding space and receiving you will dive deeper into intimacy, identity, and vulnerability in ways that will support your expansion in heart, mind , body and your business.

 If you are playfully obsessed in learning real life skills AND tools for your path, while being DEEPLY and unconditionally supported in your expressions AND experiences...

 We await your arrival as you take another step in giving yourself permission to play in every way, in every day.


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