eCPA Small Business (up to 40 employees)

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  • The Complete eCPA™ Software System

  •  “What Employees Really Cost” (In-Depth Instructions for Using the eCPA™)

  •  “eCPA™ Employee Costs and Profitable Pricing” (A quick and easy introduction for business owners who care about their employees AND about their bottom line.)

  •  “Using QuickBooks to Automatically Post Burden Costs” (How to automatically enter labor burden costs to jobs and tasks using the QuickBooks desktop payroll system)

  •  “Getting Control of Your Employee Labor Burden Costs”. Includes:
    • What should employees really cost?
    •  What should employees contribute to your gross profit?
    • Can overtime actually be cost-effective?
    • Using burdened costs and reports
    • Assigning direct, indirect, and other costs
    • The cost of wasted time
    • Your actual labor costs
  • Video (40 minutes):
    • How to use the employee Cost & Pricing Analyzer™ (eCPA™)
    • Use the eCPA™ to its full potential + discover many ways to understand and control the labor costs in your business.
  • Video (67 minutes):
    • Discovering Your Hidden Labor Costs and Profit Leaks
    • What hidden labor burden costs look like and how to get them under control.

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