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What Hack Learning Ambassadors Say:

“All of the "best" hacks from all of the books are in one place for you to get a head start on changing your classroom tomorrow. ”

Jim Cordery

“As someone who's been hacking without knowing it for years, I felt so validated by this book. I also learned countless strategies for every aspect of teaching and learning. I highly recommend this book.”

Kimberley Moran

“Busy teachers need workable ideas presented as simply and concretely as possible, and Hack Learning delivers.”

Yvonna Graham

“I use these tools with preservice teachers, which simplifies beginning teaching for them. Great resource.”

Kathryn Crawford

“Pretty awesome! I'm ready to Hack all sorts of educational situations!”

Lance McClard

“As always, innovative, insightful content! Keep up the good work. ”

Tim Haag

“I'm 30 seconds in and I found something already!”

Leo LaBarge

“Hacking learning is a very possible way to change the world!”

Marieve Gagne

“Hack Learning has both reaffirmed my practice and inspired me in new ways.”

Denise Lessard

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