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Classical Improvisation LEVEL 3

Includes Level 3

Level 3 Workbook (74 pages)

10 Lessons "without form"
(without a classical form such as a Sonata for example)

10 Lessons on a form: Sonata

5.5hrs of knowledge

Most advanced and complex level

Should only be used when Level 1 & 2 has been completed


Lesson Overview:

Improvisation without form

  1. Short recap of Level 2, inverting & resolving the dominant seventh inverted harmony, suspensions in ending cadences
  2. Variating sequences with extended dominants
  3. The typical classical syncopated rhythm, inverting & resolving the subdominant with added sixth inverted harmony, sequences with suspensions
  4. Creating accompaniment forms based on inverted chords, sequences in the l.h.
  5. Improvise using parallel patterns in both hands, broken chords, tremollos, arpeggios
  6. Minor scale modes and cadences
  7. Improvise sequences with the progression of falling fifths, diatonic & chromatic seventh chords in minor keys
  8. Using the German and Napolitan sixth chords in your cadences
  9. Examples of open/imperfect cadences in major and minor keys
  10. Advanced examples of patternst to improve your technique with


Improvisation on a form - The Sonata

  1. Definition & structure, improvising the opening and main theme in the exposition
  2. Improvising the second theme and the exposition end
  3. Improvising the development (1)
  4. Improvising the development (2), augmentation and diminution
  5. Other possibilities for returning to the home key in the development
  6. Improvising the recapitulation (reexposition) and a Coda
  7. Improvising the exposition in minor keys – harmonic possibilities
  8. Improvising the development in minor keys  - possible transitions (1)
  9. Improvising the development in minor keys – possible transitions (2)
  10. Modulating with the full diminished chord


All major & minor scales, improvisation of A-B-A pieces & rich Major & minor melodies using triad inversions on various harmonies and different chord notes l.h. (I, II, IV, V, VI scale degrees), various accompaniment forms, intermediate cadences & sequences, basic harmony notions (the leading note, dissonances), basic modulating notions (the secondary/double dominant), advanced piano playing abilities


Improvise complex pieces & polyphonic, virtuoso and rich melodies (r.h.) on lots of harmonies and their inversions (all scale degrees), on various accompaniment forms, inversion of harmonic functionality (melody in the l.h. etc.), advanced cadences (napolitan, German 6 a.o.) & sequences (Fonte & Monte, 7-chords), advanced modulation (Major & minor), advanced harmony notions, technique practice


How to practice improvisation and improve your technical abilities at the same time
How to improvise a candenza for a classical piano concerto