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Gutsy Health Education Membership: One-Time Payment



The Gutsy Health  Education Program (Roadmap to Healing) is an online group program designed to give members a basic knowledge and skill set based in living a healthier lifestyle. The education and skills taught here are things every person should have been taught, whether from school or their parents, but never got the opportunity to due to our Standard American Culture around lifestyle and food. 

The Gutsy Health Membership isn’t a diet plan. It’s a complete lifestyle makeover, but these lifestyle changes don't happen overnight. These changes take education, practice, reinforcement and time.

If every client or every person looking for answers to their health did this course and implemented the education taught here, they would be 90% on their way to healing because these classes give you guides to help make the switch over to healthier foods as well as teach you about your food and how it interacts with your body. We designed it that way so that you can become your own critical thinking health expert and not have to rely on the “experts” around you to tell you how to heal.

Throughout the Program

  • Private Instagram page access
  • Private Facebook group access
  • Weekly group coaching

Week 1: Mindset

  • Video 1: The Science Behind Mindset
  • Video 2: Creating a Healing Mindset
  • Workbook Download: The Roadmap to Priming Your Mind

Week 2:   Mitochondria

  • Video 1: Mitochondria: what they are and why they matter 
  • Video 2: Mitochondria Food Plan 
  • Video 3: Mitochondria & Your Metabolism: The Key to Speeding Up a Slow Metabolism
  • Workbook Download: The Roadmap to Mitochondrial Health

Week 3: The Gut

  • Workbook Download
  • Video

Week 4: Liver Health

  • Workbook Download
  • Video

Week 5: Adrenals

  • Video 1: Adrenals: the keys to losing belly fat, lowering anxiety, and balancing hormones
  • Video 2: The 3 Stages of Adrenal Dysfunction: Which one are you?
  • Video 3: Nutrition and Supplements for Adrenal Support
  • Workbook Download: The Roadmap to Adrenal Health

Week 6: Hormones

  • Video 1: What Are Hormones and Why Did They Get Off Track?
  • Video 2: Hormone Balancing Food Plan
  • Workbook Download: The Roadmap to Hormone Balance

Week 7: Brain Health and Function

  • Video 1: Keeping a Healthy Brain
  • Video 2: Peak Brain Performance: boosting energy, focus, and clarity
  • Workbook Download: The Roadmap to a Healthy Brain

Week 8: Extra

  • Let’s talk Lipids Video
  • Lecture
  • Workbook Handout