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Grab The 7 Causes of Writer's Block and How to Break Through

Every writer, new or experienced, gets stumped sometimes. But writer's block is a symptom and not a problem in itself. Over the years, I've pinpointed 7 root causes of a block that you can identify and fix. In this powerful guide, you'll get:

  • The truth about writer's block and why it's not the real problem.
  • All 7 root causes and what they look like when they show up.
  • Worksheets for each root cause to help you immediately get rid of it and get moving.
  • Your personal top three sources of writer's block so you know what to watch for.
  • The specific actions you can take to get rid of your top sources of getting blocked.

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Book-to-Business Outline PDF Guide

The right outline will not only help you organize your thoughts and ideas, but it will also serve as a roadmap for you as you write your book, ensuring that you stay on track. In this hands-on guide, you'll get:

  • The four most important sections of your nonfiction book outline.
  • A worksheet to organize your personal stories and case studies to create emotional impact.
  • How to choose what part of your expertise goes in the book and what to save for later.
  • How to include the exact results your readers need from your book.
  • Methods of outlining for different learning styles so you can create the right one for you.

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