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Heart iQ Men's Retreat

€350 (Early Bird Special)

Subtotal: €350,00 EUR
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Due Now: €350,00 EUR

Prices EXCLUDE Food & Accommodation

A meal package priced at €80, which covers your food for the weekend at New Eden is required and must be paid separately before the event begins. 

Accommodation at New Eden is available as an option and is recommended, although offsite stays are permitted for this event.

100% Quality Guarantee

We want you to be in your joy when registering for this event, so we've decided to remove all of the risk!

If after completing the event (all sessions), you feel we did not deliver the value expected, just let one of our event staff know at the end of the event (but before you leave) and we'll arrange an immediate refund.

Payment By Bank Transfer

If you wish to pay for your ticket by bank transfer please email support@heartiq.com for further details.

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Heart iQ Men's Retreat €350 (Early Bird Special)
Apply a coupon
Due Now €350,00 EUR

Cancellation Policy

Attendees may cancel the event up to 30 days before the event starts for a full refund minus a 25% cancellation fee. 

If the cancellation is made within 30 days of the event start date, there will be no refund. However, if you find someone to take your place, you may transfer your ticket at no cost, although you will need to take responsibility for selling your ticket and getting reimbursed.


Audio Visual Release

GENERAL INFORMATION regarding the recording of our programs, events and training seminars:

AUDIO & VIDEO RECORDING: As an attendee of this event, you may be involved in a demonstration, space-taking, or audience interaction that is recorded via photograph or video which may include your image, likeness, and/or voice. All of our events are filmed to archive the Heart IQ™ body of work, as well as offer all parties legal protection in the unlikely event of a complaint or dispute.

EDUCATIONAL USE: These recordings may be used as educational content in our professional Heart IQ™ programs. All our programs are secured with password-protection and available only to students who are studying Heart IQ™ through our official online programs. If we wish to use any footage for promotional purposes, we will first reach out and give you an opportunity to opt-out.  

By registering you give your permission for the following statements:

Heart IQ™ has the right to use photographs, video, and/or audio, which may include my image or voice, for professional, educational and training purposes in Heart IQ™ Training programs. If Heart IQ™ wishes to use footage for training purposes on their password-protected training sites, I accept that Heart IQ™ will not contact me in advance. I understand that I am free to inform Heart IQ™ at the end of an event (or at any time in the future) if I wish for specific video footage, where my sharing was a primary highlight, to be tagged ‘not for use’.

HEART IQ™ PUBLIC MARKETING: In the event that Heart IQ™ wishes to use video containing my personal content for public use, then I understand that Heart IQ™ will make a reasonable attempt to seek my permission by phone and email to provide me with an option to opt-out. I understand that my permission will be sought only if I am the primary space-taker in the footage that Heart IQ™ wishes to use; therefore, this does not include seeking permission for use of my image if I am only part of a group demonstration, in the background as an audience member, or contributing in the background of a process, like sharing medicine or asking a question. Finally, I understand that Heart IQ™ will only reach out once, per footage request, and not each time the specific footage is used for various purposes.

CONFIDENTIALITY: I agree to maintain confidentiality by not using or reproducing photographs or recordings of Heart IQ™ programs or events for purposes outside of private Facebook sharings within a group that is formed exclusively for that event, without first receiving permission of Heart IQ™ and others whose image or voice may be displayed. I also agree to not share the personal information, stories or experiences of others who attended an event,  either online or in print, for any reason, without permission of the individual to whom this personal information and experience belong.

RELEASE OF LIABILITY: I understand that while Heart IQ™ asks all participants to adhere to a strict confidentiality commitment, they cannot control the possibility that others may breach this commitment. This breach may involve the use and/or reproduction of photographs and recordings, which may include my image and/or voice.  Since Heart IQ™ cannot control this type of breach, I agree to release the organization of Heart IQ™ and it’s officers from any persecution, legal claim, or liability arising from the use of my image, likeness and voice by a third party.

NON-PAYMENT: I agree that no payment will be traded for use of my image or voice for purposes authorized by this release.