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One-on-One Program

Is this right for me?

There are many reasons why someone would want to work with us one-on-one, but the program is very expensive, intensive and is not done "for you".  It's done "with you".  So, you must not only be able to afford the initial investment, have additional resources to purchase inventory, but you must be willing to actually execute the tasks and milestones you will be given.  If you're not wiling to put in the work, then this is not right for you.

Now, if you are a private label Amazon seller that's looking to pivot into Wholesale, then this is for sure for you.  You could probably purchase one of our training programs and get through it on your own, but you probably know the power of Amazon better than a brand new seller, so working with an expert is a no-brainer.

Can I trust this program?

That's a great question, mainly because we see so many programs out there that we know can't be trusted.  With over 6,000 Amazon sellers trained over the last six years, you can trust this program.

Is this good value for the money?  It depends.  First, you are going to shortcut the amount of time to scale your business dramatically.  Todd doesn't screw around.  He wants to see you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.  So, time being money, it's worth it right there.  Secondly, working directly one-on-one you're going to eliminate a lot of product risk.  That means what you do buy will be much higher quality products.  The last time an abbreviated program like this was offered, it was $10,000 for two days of one-on-one, no continuing mentorship.  That was 2017 and those folks are all still going strong.  This program is one-on-one for a full year.

Can I trust Todd?. You know, Todd rose from the ashes of a business, he blew up in 2002, a completely different person.  He has more experience and has helped more people with his training than anyone out there, period.  Todd is 58 years old and lives an amazing life.  The only way he's going to set aside the time to help you is if he knows he can get you the results you want.  With over 6,000 Amazon sellers trained over the last six years, you can trust Todd.  If Todd doesn't feel he can help you, he won't accept you into the program.

Would you let your Wife or Mother do this program?  Todd's Mom is 81, so that's a hard "No", but not because it's not a great program, she's just not a good fit.  His Wife?  Todd has worked with his wife with this program.  Her name is Jing and she's Chinese.  her English is "good", but not great, so when she wanted to start her own business, Todd had no choice but to work with her one-on-one.  Now, if you're asking because you have a significant other you're trying to explain the benefits of paying a large sum of money for the one-on-one, get them on the phone with yourself and Todd as he can explain the benefits clearly enough to sooth the nerves of most spouses.  Remember, you can always go through the regular training program and do everything on your own for substantially less.  

So, I can do this by myself, for much less money?  Yes, for sure, over 6,000 others have over the last five years or so.  This program is ONLY for those that see the value in a direct, one-on-one relationship with Todd, on a regular basis, to get you across the finish line as fast and efficiently as possible.

What exactly will I receive?  You will receive access to all of training programs, and you will be able to schedule one-on-one time with Todd for specific training, setting of milestones, accountability and goal setting.

You are basically taught, by Todd, everything you need to know to be very, very successful in this business.  He will instruct you and then give you tasks to accomplish on your own.  Once the tasks are done, you get with Todd again for the next steps.  If you get stuck while executing your milestone, you get on the phone with Todd again to resolve the issue and move forward.  If you have questions that don't require a one-on-one call, you'll submit them to the support desk for Todd to answer.  If he wants to get on a video call with you to respond, he'll reach out to you.  So, it's a constant action plan being developed by Todd for you and executed by you with Todd's assistance.  This is why he can only work one-on-one with a very limited number of people, as it's very much like building a new business from scratch.

How do I get started?  Please do not checkout until you've spoken directly with Todd.  Email [email protected] with subject "One-On-One Program" and simply state you'd like a call with Todd to discuss signing up.  Instructions will be sent.