$400.00 USD

Immersive Tzfat Tour

Book an immersive two-hour + tour with Rabbi Amichai Cohen. Experience Tzfat as an insider. Become transformed by experiencing the city of Tzfat.

What you will experience:

  • A deep historical overview of the hundreds of years of rich history. Learn about the conquers and eras. Learn about the Golden Age of Tzfat and why it was forever known as the city of Kabbalah.
  • Visit the unique Synogoues and holy places of the city. Learn about the special significance of Tzfat being perched in the North of Israel.
  • Learn about the Kabbalistic concepts that have changed the world and have emanated from Tzfat and the mystics who lived here. 
  • Explore the art, music, and diverse culture which have always been drawn to the city.
  • Learn about Tzfat in the battle of independence and modern Tzfat and the future. 

I look forward to welcoming you!

Rabbi Amichai Cohen ✨