Learning Curves Audio Book

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Much of what we experience on the road relates to life—and our hope is that our “long learning curves” can help you experience a much shorter “power curve,” giving you a map to a brighter future in all areas of your life. In this book you’ll learn:

-It’s Not about the Destination—It’s The Journey
-You Go Where You Look
-It’s Not If You Are Going to Fall—It’s When
-It’s Not How Hard You Fall—It’s How You Recover
-Heavy Load … Tougher Ride
-It’s Not about How Loud the Noise—It’s about the Tone
-Riding Away From Danger
-In a Deep Canyon, Getting Help Is More Difficult
-When Your Voltage Regulator Wanes, Your Battery Drains
-How Much Gas Is in Your Tank?
-Some of Those Bugs Sting
-Following a Truck … You Are Blind to Dangers
-It’s All about the Attitude of Gratitude

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